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Today's youth have many talents and strengths, but not many resources to help them use their talents and skills to their full potential. Swift is working with communities to supply tutoring, counseling,scholarships,and financial support for elders needing extra care. We want to make sure that our youth stay educated, motivated and successful in everything they set forth to accomplish in life. 
Learning how to communicate assertively by "speaking the truth in love" as Paul writes in Ephesians is not only a healthy way to manage anger and frustration, but a godly way. Book Pink Patty Now.

Pink Patty loves to travel and help to promote ways to defuse and control anger.

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Alberta Watson is a member of Toastmaster International and Volunteer Police Chaplain for the City of Birmingham, Alabama.

Do you need to develop anger management skills for personal growth and/or to enhance your relationship or marriage?

Are you mandated to take anger management program by the court, employer or school?

Enrollments Letters and Certificates of Completion provided for attendees who are court ordered or employer mandated.

These classes will teach you to manage your anger effectively through research-based skills such as assertiveness, problem-solving, stress management, empathy, conflict resolution and forgiveness.

Classes are also available for Teens, Individual and Biblical Counseling. Classes are 1½ classes once a week. Beginning in July, 2018

Office: 1031 11th Street North Bessemer, Alabama 35020

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